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Diversity and equality

How We Encourage Diversity and Equality in Our Content Marketing

I’ve always been a strong advocate of diversity and equality, and I often ask myself what can I do to ensure our content marketing reflects this? This article outlines our process and thoughts, which we hope encourages discussion and awareness. If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know we are very keen to encourage diversity and equality in… Read more →

Startup blogging

Blogging for Startups: How This Blog Earned Us $750k+ Worth of Traffic

As a self funded (bootstrapped) startup, we are very mindful how we spend our marketing dollars. It is the age old question of where to get ‘the best bang for our buck’. In this article, I explain why blogging for startups is such a powerful way to attract customers. In the last 12 months, 225,381 people visited this very blog,… Read more →

Scratch your own itch startup model

Startup Model Success: Scratching Your Own Itch

There are benefits and pitfalls to the startup model of ‘scratching your own itch’. In this, I talk about why 6Q was born from scratching our own itch, and why we’re happy that we did take the risk it was only ours (and how we actually avoided that). The startup model of ‘scratching your own itch’ is simple; find a problem you… Read more →

SaaS Tools in our Startup

16 SaaS Tools We Use to Grow Our Startup

It’s always fascinating to see what different tools startups use to manage their business or growth. We list 16 products we use to manage our startup, and what we use them for. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) business, we embrace similar SaaS tools and products to help us with the smooth sailing of our business. We may be biased,… Read more →