reduce stress in the workplace

How Great Managers Can Help Reduce Stress in the Workplace

All of us need to learn how to cope with stress and learn how to reduce stress in the workplace. In this article, not only will we be considering the different cause of stress, we will also help you and your managers on how they can help reduce stress in the workplace and support your employees. As a great manager,… Read more →

Peer recognition

Why Peer Recognition is Important in High Performing Teams

Peer to peer recognition is important for a number of reasons and encourages employees to feel valued within a team. I explain this, as well as share ways you can encourage gratitude in your own company. Many managers mistakenly believe that a steady income is enough to keep their employees happy. Those that fail to change this way of thinking… Read more →

Employee health and wellbeing

Why Employee Health and Wellbeing Matters in Business

The recipe is simple, for a thriving business, you need thriving employees. In this article, we explore why employee health and wellbeing matters to a business. Yet more importantly, why it should matter to management. It’s been said that success at work leads to happiness, however we now know that this model is flawed. Because although success can bring happiness,… Read more →