Communicate with remote employees

6 Need-to-Know Steps to Effectively Communicate With Remote Employees

Does your business have a remote team? If so, this article with help. Guest writer, Gloria Kopp, takes us through six steps to effectively communicate with remote employees. Everybody knows that communication within a business is the key to success. Whether you’re hosting a meeting, going through sales reports, emailing or on the phone to clients or reporting the status… Read more →

coaching employees in the workplace

Best Practice Guide to Coaching Employees in the Workplace

With the growing need in today’s corporate world to consistently improve employees’ morale and boost their productivity, coaching employees in the workplace is quickly becoming more and more popular among companies all over the world. This article explains. This collaborative management approach is particularly well suited for uniquely talented employees as it goes a long way to helping them bring… Read more →

Annual wrap up post

Our Startup Story: 2017 Review by the Numbers

We’ve had another fantastic year at 6Q, and want to thank you for your part in our journey. In this inaugural wrap up post, we cover what worked and what didn’t, and set some goals for the year ahead. It is easy to move on with the new year without reflection, and we’ve made that mistake in the past. A… Read more →

Great internal culture

Seven Examples of Companies with Great Internal Culture

A great internal culture goes a long way as far as raising employee engagement and motivating employees at the workplace goes. We examine seven innovative companies, and see what their company cultures look like. Every respectable company should understand the importance of having a great internal culture; having a company vision, values, beliefs and habits. It is these things that… Read more →