Team Conflict

How Great Leaders Manage Team Conflict

It’s no secret that conflict is a part of life and definitely a part of day-to-day business. Once you spend enough time with the same people every day, conflict is inevitable. Therefore, as a leader, you should always make enough time for conflict resolution. There are many different causes of workplace conflict, making it a part of life for managers.… Read more →

Why Great Bosses Should Encourage Flexible Working

In a business world absorbing more and more millennial employees, the demand for flexible work schedule is greater than ever. But, this demand would definitely not be so often fulfilled, if there were not strong reasons to encourage flexible working. What does flexible working mean? First of all, flexible working should not be misunderstood for when management gives staff a… Read more →

Leadership tips chrome extension

Side Project as Marketing: Leadership Tips Website and Chrome Extension

If you haven’t heard of the phrase ‘Side project as marketing’, it refers to the creation of a (typically small) side project that gets used as a marketing channel for your primary product. This article explains why we built a leadership tips page and extension, and how we did it. In this article, I take you through my thinking, process… Read more →

Career development

5 Tips About How You Can Improve Your Career Development

We all know people with a successful career. They are entrusted with the most interesting tasks, they are given powers that are not available to colleagues, and they are the first to be promoted to the top positions. There is no accidental coincidence. Luck appears when opportunities correspond to readiness. Most likely, a person with an enviable career is actively… Read more →