Employee Retention Strategies

The Top 5 Employee Retention Strategies

More companies are spending a great amount of time and money on finding out the reasons of their company’s employee turnover. Most of the time, management fail to have an employee retention strategies or plans in order to keep their turnover low. As management or business owners, you not only need to look after the sales or the profit of your… Read more →

Great leadership

Top 20 Must-Have Qualities of a Great Leader

Leadership isn’t something you can just pick up in a class or by reading a chapter of a book. Great leaders will draw from both knowledge and experience, as well as their own personality traits. Some of these qualities may come easy to you, and others you need to constantly focus and work on, however you’ll find that these are the top… Read more →

The Quick Ways to Make your Employees Happy at Work Today

Quick Ways to Make your Employees Happy at Work Today

There will be times where we wake up on the wrong side of the bed. It is not that your employees hate their job, it is just we all have our bad days. There are also times when the environment at the workplace can get a little stressful with the workload or rushing a dateline of a certain project.With all… Read more →

Survey product updates

Introducing Mood Assessments and Redesigned Employee Reports

We’ve been busy working on a slew of new features to make 6Q even more useful, and we’re excited to announce that two of these features have now been made live to everyone. Since we launched 6Q, we have been careful to balance the ability to add lots of features with the power of our simplicity; an element that has… Read more →