Employee Communication

Effective Employee Communication – 19 Experts Share Their Wisdom

Email, face to face, live chat; there are so many channels and expectations when it comes to effective employee communication. What works for one team may not work best for another. We spoke with 19 leaders and employee communication experts on the subject of employee communication. This is what they said. Employee communication has changed over the years. In decades… Read more →

Team icebreaker games

Fantastic Team Icebreaker Games for Better Teamwork

When companies don’t prioritise team-building activities both veteran and rookie employees alike are less likely to have genuine friends in the workplace. Team icebreaker games are one of the quickest paths to a connected team because all participants are in it together. A recent report stated that only 24% of workers say they have a strong connection with their colleagues.… Read more →

Productivity rules

7 Easy Productivity Rules in the Workplace

It is essential to develop a friendly, yet productive working environment within your company. Happy employees are prolific and creative, and their engagement will exponentially grow once they are content with their work setting. Guest writer, Chris Richardson shares his seven productivity rules to ensure a smooth running workplace. Of course, everyone has different preferences, so you are never going… Read more →