Young people need to know about leadership

What Young People Today Need to Know About Leadership

What does it mean to be a leader? How can you bring people together? Answering these questions is typically a part of navigating adolescence and charting a course into stable adulthood, but that path may be more challenging today than ever before. After all, the young people of today often lack clear role models. The internet is a wonderful tool,… Read more →

encourage honest and open communication

Proven Ways to Encourage Open Communication in the Workplace

Most organisations today espouse a culture of honest and open communication, but it’s not enough to simply say the words or name them as a corporate value. You have to walk the talk if you truly want managers and employees to share ideas and opinions. Many employees are reluctant to disagree with their company’s leadership and management out of fear… Read more →

How to attract the perfect employee

How to Attract the Perfect Employee [6 Actionable Steps]

The quality of a business doesn’t rely only on financial success, sales, and similar accolades. These all are things that come and go, depending on the business climate. What defines success is the employees. An inability to recruit the right employees is the biggest problem of 19% of small businesses, according to a survey by Dunkelberg and Wade. Attracting the… Read more →

Culture Building Tips for Fast Growing Teams

Culture Building Tips for Fast Growing Teams

In the beginning, all that matters (or should matter) is building a great product. However, as your company grows rapidly, culture starts to exert its powerful effect on employees by steering them to act or to behave in a certain way when the path is otherwise unclear. Growth is always great for business owners but can sometimes be unpleasant for… Read more →