motivated at work

5 Ways Employees Want You to Keep Them Motivated at Work

For employers, keeping a happy and motivated workforce is one of the keys to success in business. With increased motivation comes better productivity, improved morale and those all-important results. However, understanding what you can do as an employer to help drive this motivation is another question altogether. Stationary and office equipment suppliers Viking recently put together findings from years of… Read more →

consultative leadership

Management Guide to the Consultative Leadership Style

Consultative leadership entails asking key people for their thoughts and allowing them time to process the problem and solve for what they feel was the best possible solution. It assumes the individuals involved are more adapt at making best possible decisions. Consultative leadership is about developing the ability to influence people rather than impose on them your authority, engaging subordinates… Read more →

Why employee training fails

Why Employee Training Fails and How to Prevent It

Learning and Development (L&D) sessions are deemed incredibly crucial to ensure the optimal functioning of a business. We explain the five main roadblocks and how to overcome them. A structured L&D program within a company allows the employee to polish their pre-existing skills and also aids them in learning new ones. However, employee training, despite the significance, struggles with several… Read more →

Effective Negotiation Techniques for Leaders

3 Very Effective Negotiation Techniques for Leaders

As a leader, mastering sound negotiation techniques can help you solve many difficult situations. This article shares three very effective negotiation techniques for leaders to resolve disagreements easily. Whether you are working on a new deal with a vendor, mediating a breakdown in communication, or discussing a pay raise with an employee, understanding each others’ motivators is essential to achieving… Read more →