Team Building Benefits of Stand-Up Meetings

Stand-up meetings have become a core ritual of highly effective teams the world over. So, how do you run them, measure them and get the best benefits? We explain this and more. The massive growth of agile software development practices, means that stand-up meetings are becoming more popular within businesses of all industries and sizes. Just as the title suggests,… Read more →

Increase Employee Motivation

Types of Celebrations to Increase Employee Motivation

Any company would want to get their employees engaged and motivated at work. The simplest way to improve these is to have regular celebrations for and with the employees in order to get them engaged at the workplace. It is rather meaningful when management takes notice of the simple events that happened in their employees’ life; regardless if it is… Read more →

Managing a remote team

Ultimate List of 90+ Tools for Managing a Remote Team

Managing a remote team can be hard. However there are plenty of tools that can help you with it, and we’ve researched and listed the best out there, to save you time and effort. For many organisations, being a remote team gives them great value, and is certainly becoming a more accepted way to run a team by the day. Technology… Read more →

face to face feedback

Steps to Giving Effective Face to Face Feedback

We all agree that engaged employees are the company’s best asset. If your employees are not doing their best, it is time to schedule a feedback session and get your employees back on board and increase employee engagement. Learning to give and receive feedback effectively is essential to building a flexible, agile workplace. Giving feedback to employees can be quite daunting… Read more →