Employee Feedback

Employee feedback is at the heart of what we do; our employee feedback surveys are all about being open and transparent with one another, improving work happiness and creating better, more productive teams.

Big List of Employee Goals Examples for You to Steal

Looking for effective employee goals examples to use in your organisation? Here are 61 goals that range from performance goals to collaboration goals, and more. According to research from Gartner, goals that align with the organisational needs improve employee performance by 22%. Setting realistic and actionable goals for employees that fit within their role and career aspirations is a powerful… Read more →

5 Styles of Conflict Resolution in the Workplace 

Conflicts are bound to arise when people with diverse values, personalities, backgrounds, and life experiences join together to accomplish a shared goal. However, the way in which conflicts are managed and resolved can have a substantial effect on the team’s overall productivity and morale. Therefore, organisations must identify and implement effective conflict resolution strategies. This article will provide five common… Read more →

27 Great Words of Encouragement to Colleagues

Colleagues are your reliable support system — you’re a team. The simple act of exchanging encouraging words can have a significant impact. It’s a powerful motivator in the workplace, fostering a positive atmosphere and productivity. However, there are moments when you might want to express your support and provide encouragement, but finding the right words can be a challenge. So,… Read more →

Rewarding Employee Performance: How To Choose The Right Incentives

Rewarding employees for their hard work and achievements is a powerful tool in driving motivation, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a pat on the back or a little extra recognition for their efforts? Also, a recent Deloitte Insights survey found that companies prioritising employee recognition are 12 times more likely to achieve positive business outcomes.… Read more →