Corporate Culture

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Flexibility in the workplace

Why We Should Encourage Flexibility in the Workplace

There are a lot of reasons why employers should look to encourage flexibility in the workplace. Whatever your definition of flexibility, there’s no doubt that it can alter the culture of your office; even placing you on the cutting edge. Regardless if you’re on the cutting edge or not, there’s always work to be done. Because you still have competitors… Read more →

Slack company culture

Taking a Look into the Slack Company Culture

From a small Silicon Valley startup on the back of a failed multi-million dollar video game project, to the planet’s fastest growing company, Slack has a lot to be proud of – including the Slack company culture. Slack is a direct messaging tool for modern day business, aiming to negate emails and humanise company communication. Slack has added features such… Read more →

Effective Ways to Reward Your Employees in the New Year

8 Great Ways to Reward Your Best Employees

For an employer, you need to find different ways to reward your best employees. Not only for good work, but for celebratory events such as birthdays, anniversaries and the new year. To have a reward system in place, the employer has to have done some strategic thinking, as to properly appreciate the event. However, many companies don’t do this, let… Read more →

An Insight into the Corporate Culture at Facebook

An Insight into the Corporate Culture at Facebook

Many would find it unsurprising that the corporate culture at Facebook, is strong, full of benefits and transparent. With billions of daily users, the app’s grown to be an incubator of potential for those lucky enough to work there. Many pegging the great corporate culture as the reason Facebook has risen as high and fast as it has. There are… Read more →