Corporate Culture

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Communicate with remote employees

6 Need-to-Know Steps to Effectively Communicate With Remote Employees

Does your business have a remote team? If so, this article with help. Guest writer, Gloria Kopp, takes us through six steps to effectively communicate with remote employees. Everybody knows that communication within a business is the key to success. Whether you’re hosting a meeting, going through sales reports, emailing or on the phone to clients or reporting the status… Read more →

Great internal culture

Seven Examples of Companies with Great Internal Culture

A great internal culture goes a long way as far as raising employee engagement and motivating employees at the workplace goes. We examine seven innovative companies, and see what their company cultures look like. Every respectable company should understand the importance of having a great internal culture; having a company vision, values, beliefs and habits. It is these things that… Read more →

Digital companies get employee engagement

Why Digital Companies Get Employee Engagement Right

Employee engagement is an essential ingredient for businesses striving to improve performance and productivity. Certain companies, like Google and Dreamworks, are renowned for their ability to take care of employees and keep them passionate about their work. Digital technology is shaping our future – in this day and age, organisations should embrace modern tech to foster a convenient and user-friendly… Read more →

Employee engagement and customer service

How Employee Engagement Affects Customer Service

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times:  happy employees lead to happy customers. The idea that employee engagement affects customer service and retention is intuitive. Employee engagement affects customer service in a number of positive ways. It seems only natural that a disengaged employee is less likely to provide a good customer service experience (and even less likely to provide an outstanding one).… Read more →