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How To Encourage Accountability In The Workplace

How To Encourage Accountability In The Workplace

Accountability is a concept that is vital to the success of your business. This is because it draws your employees out of their shell and enables them to put in performances at a high level. Adequate or high productivity is, therefore, tied to the ability of your employees to be accountable and responsible. Despite the benefits of company-wide accountability in… Read more →

Consider Remote Work for the Long Term

Should Your Organisation Consider Remote Work for the Long Term?

For many organisations, the last few months has meant employees working remotely, often from home in isolation. So should this become the new normal? This article shares ten great reasons you should consider remote work for the long term. When the pandemic hit us, what WHO suggested containing the virus was to go under lockdown to limit its spread and… Read more →

Key management skills every leader should work on

Key Management Skills Every Leader Should Work On

In order to lead teams and help organisations achieve their goals, leaders need to hone a number of key management skills. They can learn or polish up on these skills through two avenues; by enrolling in various management courses or by learning through experience on the job. A combination of both is optimal. According to social and organisational psychologist Robert… Read more →

Perks and motivation

How Perks and Motivation Can Lead to Better Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is quite important for organisations and they have begun to realise that it affects the employees’ productivity and the company’s profitability. It generally means the level of the employees’ commitment towards the company values, mission and goals. Employee engagement has a direct impact on customer experience, brand reputation, employee turnover, company culture and talent acquisition among others. Employee… Read more →