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Costs of a bad hire

The Massive Costs of a Bad Hire

Many managers would rather hire a mediocre job candidate than leave a vacant position open but it turns out that a bad hire is usually far more harmful than letting the vacancy remain until you can find a great hire. When a manager is responsible for a bad hire, they often find it hard to recognise, let alone accept, because they feel… Read more →

Building a Remote Team

Building a Remote Team: Is It the Right Choice for You?

You can’t help but notice remote work is no more innovation. The future of work keeps transforming the way we work and live: workers leave jobs looking for more flexible job options and the majority of millennials are interested in working remotely. But what does this trend mean for your business? Although this latest trend can bring exceptional benefits to… Read more →


Tips for Motivating Both Employees and Managers

In the workplace, everybody no matter whether he is an employee or a manager of a company needs to be motivated. Motivation describes the intrinsic enthusiasm of the employee or a manager what drives them to complete their work. Motivation is highly required in the workplace as it not only keeps the worker highly productive but also helps them to… Read more →

Leadership Hints for Digital Workforce Management

6 Leadership Hints for Digital Workforce Management

In this era of millennials, the workforce is going digital. Technology has simplified how current workers in your company perform their duties. Taking at a close look at the thriving companies in the globe, you will notice employees do their jobs from any place and at any time. As a leader, you need to move with the current trend. You… Read more →