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give employees more responsibilities

7 Proven Ways to Give Your Employees More Responsibility

Delegation is often easier said than done, however with some planning, you can give your employees more responsibility in a way that works for both yourself and the team. Guest writer, Serena Dorf, outlines seven proven methods to do just that. Everything is rapidly changing in the business world today where employees are expected to manage themselves and their time… Read more →

Female Equality In The Workplace

5 Methods To Encourage Female Equality In The Workplace

Despite the strides that have been made to encourage female equality in the workplace, women continue to be paid significantly less than their male coworkers, and female employees are still underrepresented in senior management roles. Employers have a vital role to play in changing the status quo and promoting gender equality in their companies. Gender discrimination comes in different shapes… Read more →

workplace gamification

The HR Guide To Workplace Gamification

Dwindling employee loyalty is something that bothers every HR manager. In this article, guest writer Anand Srinivasan takes us through how workplace gamification can help battle this HR headache. In the view of a majority of the employees, loyalty is limited to doing full justice to their role while they are a part of the organisation. Thus, employers need to be consistently… Read more →

Democratic Leadership

Management Styles: Your Guide to Democratic Leadership

The word democracy means “rule by the people” and it has its roots in ancient Greece where democracy as we have come to know it today started from. The basic idea is that the people hold the power to decide who leads them instead of someone ruling over them, such as in a tyranny or oligarchy. While the modern concept of… Read more →