Corporate Culture

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What Are Employee Pulse Scores?

Employee pulse surveys are an important tool in collecting employee feedback, getting insight into corporate culture, employee engagement and so much more. Employee pulse scores are the cumulative results from pulse surveys. They are calculated by gathering all the responses from the survey and getting an average. These scores will reveal any issues that need to be addressed and even… Read more →

Developing Resilience and Maintaining Mental Well-being in the Remote Work Era

In recent years, the remote work revolution has transformed the way we work, allowing individuals to work from the comfort of their homes or any location of their choice. While remote work offers flexibility and numerous advantages, it also presents unique challenges to our mental well-being. The lack of social interactions, blurred boundaries between work and personal life, and increased… Read more →

All You Need to Know About Full-Cycle Recruiting

Recruiting talented candidates can boost the productivity of a business and contribute to growth. Even with a vast pool of candidates, recruiting isn’t as easy as picking up a random candidate to fill an open position. Many processes go into the recruiting system, and one misstep with a bad hire could cause a 36 percent drop in business productivity, not… Read more →

How to Create Training Videos for Your Employees

Creating training videos is crucial for engaging and effective learning, leading to growth and prosperity of employees and business. Discover how to create videos to enhance employee performance and productivity. Training videos have emerged as the most effective tool for employee onboarding. It is understandable companies are reluctant to hire unqualified candidates. But many of these companies do not invest… Read more →