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What is HR’s Ethical Responsibility in the Digital Transformation Age?

What is HR’s Ethical Responsibility in the Digital Transformation Age?

The constant progression of digital transformation has pushed Human Resource executives to explore new leads, technologies, platforms, and functioning tools. Encouraging staff members to use modern communication tools and equipment increases lead generation, consumer engagement, and ROI. The introduction of AI, internet of things, cloud storage, and blockchain has taken the world by a storm. Thanks to these innovations businesses… Read more →

Build trust with your team

How to Build Trust with Your Team [5 Effective Methods]

Managing a team of people is a challenging task to take on due to the different personalities to manage. When they don’t trust each other, it’s a draining task. Below we explore how you can build trust your team. A team of members who don’t trust each other barely ever makes any progress. This stems from refusing to share knowledge,… Read more →

Quantifying HR Performance and Output

How long have people thought of HR as the department that hands out holidays, rolls out confusing new policy, and asks you how you’re feeling? The reality here is that HR data is quantifying HR performance in new and exciting ways. Transparency. Accountability. Responsibility. These three buzzwords have become synonymous with efficiency, and they’re based on a long-standing relationship with… Read more →