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Empower employees to create happy workplace

Seven Keys to Building a Happy Workplace by Empowering Staff

Employee empowerment and staff happiness are hot topics in the management world. What can managers do to empower staff and thus make them happier? A growing body of evidence points to serious business benefits when they’re embraced and encouraged. So what makes staff happiness, and specifically empowerment, so important? Though it’s easy to get lost in the sea of trending… Read more →

8 Tips on Building Positive Workplace Relationships

8 Tips on Building Positive Workplace Relationships

Human beings are social creatures. We crave to belong and to connect with other people, just like we crave for food whenever we’re starting to get hungry. We tae you through building positive workplace relationships. The ability to build and shape genuine relationships is one of the most important traits that employees should possess. If we pay attention to Maslow’s… Read more →

Costs of a bad hire

The Massive Costs of a Bad Hire

Many managers would rather hire a mediocre job candidate than leave a vacant position open but it turns out that a bad hire is usually far more harmful than letting the vacancy remain until you can find a great hire. When a manager is responsible for a bad hire, they often find it hard to recognise, let alone accept, because they feel… Read more →

Building a Remote Team

Building a Remote Team: Is It the Right Choice for You?

You can’t help but notice remote work is no more innovation. The future of work keeps transforming the way we work and live: workers leave jobs looking for more flexible job options and the majority of millennials are interested in working remotely. But what does this trend mean for your business? Although this latest trend can bring exceptional benefits to… Read more →