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Become more confident

How New Managers Can Become More Confident [12 Great Tips]

Managing is a tough job. Both your superiors and subordinates have huge expectations of you. It can sometimes feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place and many often suffer a lack of self-confidence. Here is how managers can become more confident. Confidence is one of those attractive qualities in any human being that draws people… Read more →

Productivity killers and how to avoid them

3 Workplace Productivity Killers and How to Avoid Them

In the modern-day economy, most of us spend about 8 hours at work at any given weekday. Have you ever wondered how much of that time is actually spent working? The data came in, and it’s not at all flattering. The average worker is productive for only 2 hours and 53 minutes at work every day. That means more than… Read more →

Productive ways to start your day

20 Productive Ways to Start Your Day

Getting your morning started off right at home is important. If you fail to set and maintain the tone before you even set foot in the office, your morning can lose momentum quickly. Here’s how you to get your day off to a productive start. The right morning routine can make your day, every day. The trick is to be… Read more →

Reward Your Team With Perks

5 Ways To Reward Your Team With Perks That Don’t Cost The Earth

Particularly if you run a small business, finding ways to compensate your staff members for their hard work can be quite challenging. In ideal circumstances, you’d dish out bonuses, spa days, free TVs, seven-course meals and luxury work trips overseas — but when your budget is already stretched pretty far, that kind of option is off the table. Instead of… Read more →