Behind the Scenes

We’re taking you on our start-up journey where we’ll voice our thoughts, explain the start-up lessons we’ve learnt, discuss growth hacking, startup marketing tips and related tech startup topics and tips.

Creating company values that rock

Announcing Our Book: Creating a Company Culture that Rocks!

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve finished writing our first ebook, Creating a Company Culture that Rocks! and have just released it to the world. After many hours of writing, editing, designing and preparing, we are excited to say that our first ever book, available for free as a PDF, is now available for downloading right here on the book’s own… Read more →

Scratch your own itch startup model

Startup Model Success: Scratching Your Own Itch

There are benefits and pitfalls to the startup model of ‘scratching your own itch’. In this, I talk about why 6Q was born from scratching our own itch, and why we’re happy that we did take the risk it was only ours (and how we actually avoided that). The startup model of ‘scratching your own itch’ is simple; find a problem you… Read more →

SaaS Tools in our Startup

16 SaaS Tools We Use to Grow Our Startup

It’s always fascinating to see what different tools startups use to manage their business or growth. We list 16 products we use to manage our startup, and what we use them for. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) business, we embrace similar SaaS tools and products to help us with the smooth sailing of our business. We may be biased,… Read more →

Bad Bosses

Bad Boss Behaviour Made My Startup

I would like to personally thank all the bosses I’ve had in my career for leading me to building a great culture in my own company, which subsequently produced 6Q as a result. Let me explain. I’ve been out of school now for 30 years (wow, that makes me feel OLD!). During my first 16 years, when I was working… Read more →