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How to Successfully Implement HR Analytics and People Analytics in a Company

How to Successfully Implement HR and People Analytics in a Company

HR analytics and people analytics assist businesses in the hiring and retention of employees. Proper usage of analytics can save a business time, money and resources. Analytics, when properly implemented, can lead to treasure trails of data that can be used in the future when a person in HR leaves the company. People analytics can also help, allowing a workforce… Read more →

Casual dress day

Should Every Day Be Casual Dress Day? 

About 20 years ago there was a clear distinction: white collar or blue collar work. Your employment was quite literally defined by your dress. But then casual dress day appeared, lines became blurred, smart or casual, dress up or dress down, what’s the right dress code for your business? In the movie Office Space – the cult satire on modern… Read more →

Our blogging strategy

Blogging Strategy: Benefits of Refreshing Old Content (And How We Do It)

I’ve previously written before about how this very blog drives more traffic and interest in our product than any other channel. One blogging strategy often overlooked though, is refreshing old content, and the benefits in doing so. In June 2017, I wrote an article on how we attracted a truckload of traffic with this blog. Since then, with a revised… Read more →

Leadership tips chrome extension

Side Project as Marketing: Leadership Tips Website and Chrome Extension

If you haven’t heard of the phrase ‘Side project as marketing’, it refers to the creation of a (typically small) side project that gets used as a marketing channel for your primary product. This article explains why we built a leadership tips page and extension, and how we did it. In this article, I take you through my thinking, process… Read more →