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Employee Engagement Training for Managers

  There are several ways to improve employee engagement; better benefits, flexible work hours and opportunities for growth are just some of them. But if you find that despite these, engagement is still low, look to your managers. According to numerous surveys and studies, employees indicate that their manager greatly affects their level of engagement. In order to promote engagement,… Read more →

Beyond The Perks: How To Boost Employee Engagement With Meaningful Work

As competition for top talent increases, companies seek ways to attract and retain employees. While perks and benefits are important for employee satisfaction, more are needed to sustain high levels of employee engagement. Organisations recognise the importance of meaningful work in creating a productive workforce. We will explore the concept of meaningful work and its psychological benefits and discuss effective… Read more →

How to Perform Manager Evaluations

In the realm of effective leadership and organisational growth, performing manager evaluations is a critical practice. This article explains more. These evaluations serve as a powerful tool for assessing the performance of managers. But how exactly should organisations approach the process of manager evaluations? What steps should organisations take to ensure fairness, accuracy, and meaningful outcomes?   Manager evaluations play… Read more →