Digital companies get employee engagement

Why Digital Companies Get Employee Engagement Right

Employee engagement is an essential ingredient for businesses striving to improve performance and productivity. Certain companies, like Google and Dreamworks, are renowned for their ability to take care of employees and keep them passionate about their work. Digital technology is shaping our future – in this day and age, organisations should embrace modern tech to foster a convenient and user-friendly… Read more →

Employee engagement and customer service

How Employee Engagement Affects Customer Service

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times:  happy employees lead to happy customers. The idea that employee engagement affects customer service and retention is intuitive. Employee engagement affects customer service in a number of positive ways. It seems only natural that a disengaged employee is less likely to provide a good customer service experience (and even less likely to provide an outstanding one).… Read more →

employee mental health

Why Employee Mental Health Should Be Every Manager’s Concern

What does employee mental health mean for the success of an organisation? What should employers and managers be doing about it? We cover these questions and more. Despite the fact that the impact of work alone on personal identity, self-esteem and social recognition is hard to measure, most mental health professionals today agree that the workplace environment can have a… Read more →

Answer employee surveys honestly

Why You Must Answer Employee Surveys Honestly

  Year in, year out organisations of all sizes all around the world use employee surveys to gauge their employees’ job satisfaction, engagement levels and general work-life happiness. So why should you answer employee surveys honestly? A new year is waiting right around the corner and you know what companies like to do at year-end? Figure out what their employees… Read more →