Employee pulse survey product update August 2019

Team Updates, Once Off Polls, Flexible Reminders and High Fives

We’ve just released a major update to our employee pulse survey product, 6Q, and I wanted to share the four main features of this release, and how you can enjoy them from today. First off though, a big thank you to those customers who have been waiting for these features to appear. We appreciate your patience and always warmly welcome… Read more →

How To Stop Procrastination At Work

How To Stop Procrastination At Work

Do you often feel that you are not able to work at your maximum potential and pace in the office? Are you often told that you didn’t perform as good as was expected from you by your boss? Do you have this ‘mental laziness’ coming in every now and then, which makes you delay your tasks and waste valuable time?… Read more →

attract and retain millennial talent

How to Attract and Engage Millennial Talent to Your Company

We’ve probably all heard the jokes about millennials and laughed ourselves about how annoying they are. Yet, it is this generation who really understand the direction in which the world is headed and that is something that we desperately need to engage with if our organisations are to remain relevant. They are the only generation who have grown up in… Read more →