Remote team building activities

Top 5 Unusual Remote Team Building Activities

Finding the right team building activities for your company can be tricky, even trickier when you have a team of remote employees. This article shares five unusual remote team building activities which help build an engaged team, no matter where they are. Having a couple of remote team members’, or an entirely remote team, is becoming more commonplace everywhere; regardless… Read more →

New employee pulse survey software features

Announcing Slack Integration, Question Flexibility & More

Our customers across the globe rely on 6Q to manage their employee pulse surveys from start to finish. We acknowledge the trust you put in our employee pulse survey software, and we’re constantly working on new features to make sure that you have the tools needed to make surveying your employees as effective and pain-free as possible. We know that every… Read more →

Employee Survey Results

What to Do with Employee Survey Results

So you’ve done launched a survey and gotten back some raw data, managing to work through it and get some great insights. Now what? And more importantly, what do you do with the insights to actually yield any results? Well, in this article we explain exactly what to do with those employee survey results. For whatever reason, you’ve chosen to… Read more →

Top 10 Signs of a Bad Boss

Top 10 Signs of a Bad Boss and How to Avoid Them

A bad boss can do many things. Although they may be able to contribute to the bottom line for a short while, eventually their effect will spoil any good faith they’ve created for themselves and their company. In this article, we’ll explore the 10 signs of a bad boss and the risks they pose to their employees. There are many… Read more →