What are OKR's?

What Are OKR’s And How Do They Work?

In the majority of companies, the CEO’s harp on about the vision that they have for the business. However, this vision is an abstract entity that needs to be put into action. The onus, therefore, lies on the individuals on the lower rungs of the organisational hierarchy to come up with actual executables to turn the vision into reality. Enter… Read more →

Promoting from within

The Unfortunate Disadvantages of Promoting From Within

While promoting your hard-working employees may seem like the obvious route to take, there are a lot of hidden drawbacks to this. From an employee perspective, the ability to climb a company’s corporate ladder can only be viewed positively. There’s no downside to getting the chance to potentially earn more money and advance in your career. It’s truly what makes… Read more →

Employee opinion surveys

Why Conduct Employee Opinion Surveys? (8 Solid Reasons)

Getting organisations to conduct an employee opinion survey can be tricky. There always seems to be something else that is more “pressing” to pay attention to. In this article, we discuss why employee opinion surveys are worth investing your time and money in. As an organisation, your biggest asset is your workforce: people are the backbone of any organisation – not… Read more →

Encourage Your Team to have Passion for Work

How to Encourage Your Team to have Passion for Work

Talent wins the game but passion and teamwork win the championship. Passion for work is an essential component to be happy and productive at work. The passionate team strives for greater goals, establishes a better life and is an asset to the organisation. You have to make sure that your teams’ ultimate thrust for work, can define how successful they… Read more →