Perks and motivation

How Perks and Motivation Can Lead to Better Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is quite important for organisations and they have begun to realise that it affects the employees’ productivity and the company’s profitability. It generally means the level of the employees’ commitment towards the company values, mission and goals. Employee engagement has a direct impact on customer experience, brand reputation, employee turnover, company culture and talent acquisition among others. Employee… Read more →

Improve communication and strengthen the team

How to Improve Communication and Strengthen the Team

In a matter of days, the pandemic did what the most progressive companies planned to spend years and millions of investments on. It transferred many employees to remote work and forced them to quickly introduce flexible management models. It caused a lot of inconveniences: dozens of new workgroups, chaos in messengers, and endless online meetings. Executives who previously managed the… Read more →

How to use continuous performance management with your team

How to Use Continuous Performance Management With Your Team

It is standard practice in organisations to follow up on the performance of the employees. This assessment determines the areas that require improvement. However, this usually happens only once a year, usually at the end of the business year. This is where continuous performance management comes into play. The problem with performance reviews happening at the end of the year… Read more →

How to Avoid the Trap of Short Term Goals as a Leader

How to Avoid the Trap of Short Term Goals as a Leader

Have you struggled to decide between making time for short term or long term goals? Every leader will face the dilemma of choosing to spend energy on current needs or future vision. “If I don’t focus on this project now, we won’t hit our target this quarter. But spending time on this project won’t help us in the long run.… Read more →