Building a Remote Team

Building a Remote Team: Is It the Right Choice for You?

You can’t help but notice remote work is no more innovation. The future of work keeps transforming the way we work and live: workers leave jobs looking for more flexible job options and the majority of millennials are interested in working remotely. But what does this trend mean for your business? Although this latest trend can bring exceptional benefits to… Read more →

What Is Employee Relations and How Does It Help?

What Is Employee Relations and How Does It Help?

It has become fashionable these days to state that employees are every organisation’s greatest asset so you’d imagine that companies are paying enough attention to employee relations. Unfortunately many organisations still don’t give it the consideration it strongly deserves. Employee relations refers to the measures taken by a company to manage the relationships between managers and employees. This is usually… Read more →

Mindfulness Programmes at Work

What are the Benefits of Having Mindfulness Programmes at Work

Listless employees, poor performance, and stressful workplace environment are not new to any manager. We can resolve this if we adopt mindfulness which can work wonders in developing employee well-being, motivation and productivity. When mindfulness is integrated into an organisation, challenges to boost team motivation enough to achieve business goals becomes history. Issues of leadership, fast paced work environment and… Read more →


Tips for Motivating Both Employees and Managers

In the workplace, everybody no matter whether he is an employee or a manager of a company needs to be motivated. Motivation describes the intrinsic enthusiasm of the employee or a manager what drives them to complete their work. Motivation is highly required in the workplace as it not only keeps the worker highly productive but also helps them to… Read more →