Lauren Clarke

Lauren writes for 6Q and a number of other business blogs, and believes that using employee pulse surveys can significantly improve employee engagement.
reduce stress in the workplace

How Great Managers Can Help Reduce Stress in the Workplace

All of us need to learn how to cope with stress and learn how to reduce stress in the workplace. In this article, not only will we be considering the different cause of stress, we will also help you and your managers on how they can help reduce stress in the workplace and support your employees. As a great manager,… Read more →

New employee pulse survey software features

Announcing Slack Integration, Question Flexibility and More

Our customers across the globe rely on 6Q to manage their employee pulse surveys from start to finish. We acknowledge the trust you put in our employee pulse survey software, and we’re constantly working on new features to make sure that you have the tools needed to make surveying your employees as effective and pain-free as possible. We know that every… Read more →

employee poll scheduling

Product Update: Improved Employee Poll Scheduling and More

One of our key features is the simplicity of running 6Q polls with your teams. To ensure that this is as easy as possible for managers to do things quickly and more effectively, we constantly look at ways of improving our product design and functionality. Today, we’re excited to announce two changes, the first being a new, improved My Polls… Read more →

Clever Ways to Encourage Gratitude in the Workplace

Clever Ways to Encourage Gratitude in the Workplace

Gratitude in the workplace is something that can not only be developed over time, but is something that pays dividends to everyone involved. Having a strong sense of workplace gratitude allows for the organisation and individuals alike, to claim all sorts of rewards. The best thing about being in this sound psychological state thanks to gratification, is that it can… Read more →