Lauren Clarke

Lauren is one of the customer service team here at 6Q, and believes every company should be using employee pulse surveys to improve employee engagement.
Employee Communication

Effective Employee Communication – 19 Experts Share Their Wisdom

Email, face to face, live chat; there are so many channels and expectations when it comes to effective employee communication. What works for one team may not work best for another. We spoke with 19 leaders and employee communication experts on the subject of employee communication. This is what they said. Employee communication has changed over the years. In decades… Read more →

Using pulse survey software

5 Steps to Success When Using Pulse Survey Software

You’ve made the decision to start using pulse survey software to collect team feedback – congratulations! Before you do, you need to plan to get the most from your new initiative. This article explains the proven methods to achieve best results. Smart leaders know that gathering employee feedback is vitally important for all businesses – they are, as we say,… Read more →

important leadership skills

The Most Important Leadership Skills Everyone Should Have

Assuming a position of power can make you a boss but not necessarily an effective leader. So what are the most important leadership skills and how do they benefit you? We explain this and more. What are their impact on employees and the organisation? What are the most critical skills to acquire and develop? In this article, I’ll explain the… Read more →