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Importance of Employee Recognition

The Importance of Employee Recognition

Employee appreciation is an essential part of human need at the workplace. Employees react positively when management shows appreciation for their good work or effort. When employees are valued for the work and effort that they have put in, productivity level increases and this motivates them to improve their good work as expected. “Sir, can I have a word with you… Read more →

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Introducing Awesome Peer to Peer Employee Recognition; High Fives

We’ve just launched our latest exciting feature: peer to peer employee recognition, also known as High Fives. In this article, we’ll explain how motivating peer to peer recognition is, and how high fives help your team congratulate each other. Surveys have proven time and time again that peer-to-peer employee recognition is a powerful motivator. Even more powerful is when an employee… Read more →

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7 Awesome Methods for Employee Recognition

Great companies know that the employees are the heart of the business. Satisfied and engaged employees would bring in not only positive energy to the workplace but also increase the company’s profit and sales. Unconcerned employees could be a hindrance to the workplace as they can drain out the positive energy out of the rest of their colleagues. In other… Read more →