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Heryati is a member of the customer success team at 6Q, and is based in Perth, Western Australia. Heryati enjoys writing, reading and live music. She believes 6Q is awesome for employee engagement surveys.
Common Mistakes of First Time Managers

Top 8 Common Mistakes of First-Time Managers

Many professionals still seek to take a step up the corporate ladder to a management position with a better salary. However, if you are a first time manager, be warned that this includes a lot of beginners’ mistakes. Pretty sure you have ever worked under a newly appointed manager before, so you would know those mistakes made can stick for… Read more →

factors contributing to employee engagementfactors contributing to employee engagement

10 Factors Contributing to Employee Engagement

Over the years, employee engagement has been the subject of numerous research studies, which includes employee turnover rate, absenteeism, dedication at work and more. However, it all goes back to getting the employee interested in working with you and for you. The main benefit of an engaged pool of employees is easily reflected in their performance and productivity at the… Read more →

Increase Employee Motivation

Types of Celebrations to Increase Employee Motivation

Any company would want to get their employees engaged and motivated at work. The simplest way to improve these is to have regular celebrations for and with the employees in order to get them engaged at the workplace. It is rather meaningful when management takes notice of the simple events that happened in their employees’ life; regardless if it is… Read more →

face to face feedback

Steps to Giving Effective Face to Face Feedback

We all agree that engaged employees are the company’s best asset. If your employees are not doing their best, it is time to schedule a feedback session and get your employees back on board and increase employee engagement. Learning to give and receive feedback effectively is essential to building a flexible, agile workplace. Giving feedback to employees can be quite daunting… Read more →