Gerald Ainomugisha

Gerald is a freelance writer with a pen that is keen for entrepreneurship, business and technology. When he isn't writing insightful articles on employee engagement and corporate culture, Gerald can be found writing for a number of media outlets.

10 Elements of Employee Engagement

When employees communicate well, are excited to go to work, collaborate with each other and have healthy team dynamics, chances are that they are highly engaged. Employee engagement affects these and more aspects of the employee experience. It is the level to which employees feel mentally and emotionally connected to their jobs. Employee engagement will also affect customer relations and… Read more →

What Are Employee Pulse Scores?

Employee pulse surveys are an important tool in collecting employee feedback, getting insight into corporate culture, employee engagement and so much more. Employee pulse scores are the cumulative results from pulse surveys. They are calculated by gathering all the responses from the survey and getting an average. These scores will reveal any issues that need to be addressed and even… Read more →

Employee Engagement Training for Managers

  There are several ways to improve employee engagement; better benefits, flexible work hours and opportunities for growth are just some of them. But if you find that despite these, engagement is still low, look to your managers. According to numerous surveys and studies, employees indicate that their manager greatly affects their level of engagement. In order to promote engagement,… Read more →

Effective Messages of Support and Encouragement

From time to time, we all experience situations that leave us feeling down or doubting our abilities. In such times, we need the support of others to pick us up. Whether such scenarios occur in our personal lives or at work, they can negatively impact our productivity. For this reason, businesses need to become adept at sharing meaningful and effective… Read more →