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Startups & Pulse Surveys

Why Startups Should Use Pulse Surveys

Startup life can be frantic and fast. Between growth, ironing out bugs, planning product, seeking runway and generating interest, its easy to forget that your team is your most important asset. So how do you ensure you are listening to your team, collecting feedback on product, culture and direction, and managing all of your other roles whilst building velocity in… Read more →

Startup Culture

Startup Culture: Interview with Corley from Product Hunt

Previously responsible for strategic planning, business intelligence, business operations, and venture integration for all Microsoft products, Corley Hughes joined the Product Hunt team at the start of 2015 in Operations. We speak to Corley about what the culture is like at Product Hunt, and how to keep a remote team just as engaged as their San Francisco based core team.… Read more →

Startup company culture

Creating a Great Company Culture at your Start-Up

Even without any conscious effort, your start-up already has a company culture. If it’s positive or negative is something you, as a founder, need to nurture. In this article, we explain what culture is, and how you can start to embrace and enhance it. Most start-ups are operating with small teams, and busy on building product and concentrating on growth… Read more →

Creating great culture at your start-up

How Appbot Works on Creating Great Culture

In this guest article by Claire McGregor, co-founder of start-up, Appbot, Claire discusses her belief that it’s one thing to hire the right people, another to build a happy team. When I was 21 someone I knew at the time once asked me “what’s the meaning of life?”. I surprised myself by answering without really thinking about it: “that depends on… Read more →