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Why New Hires Are a Great Source of Feedback

Why New Hires Are a Great Source of Feedback

Feedback is an essential step required for the employees’ ongoing development. It helps them learn from their mistakes, build confidence, and clarify expectations. This article shares methods you can use to get and provide new hire feedback, its benefits, and ways to improve the employee experience. New hire feedback: Acquisition and importance Before moving forward, let us talk about what… Read more →

How to gather new hire feedback

New Hire Feedback: How to Gather and Act on Feedback From New Employees

How do you keep employees? It’s simple — ask for new hire feedback! Keep reading for our easy-to-follow roadmap of how to gain feedback from your new hires. The importance of seeking new hire feedback The new hires at your company are the most exposed (and busiest!) out of all employee groups. That’s because they’re busy becoming acquainted with co-workers,… Read more →