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Benefits of a happy workplace

Why You Must Create and Maintain a Happy Workplace

A job, by definition, is not necessarily fun, or enjoyable either. Work is hard. Dealing with work stresses day in and day out is exhausting. However, there are many benefits for companies to reap from creating and maintaining a happy workplace for their employees. Many of the top performing companies in the world today have learned along the way that… Read more →

Build an awesome corporate culture

Top 4 Ways Employee Surveys Help Build an Awesome Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is easily influenced and can impact the business in many ways, both positive and negative. In this article, we discuss the best ways that employee surveys can help build an awesome corporate culture. For some new businesses, a corporate culture can be something that they just “fall into”. Although most businesses don’t have the capacity to fund their… Read more →

Company Culture strategies

How to Create a Positive Company Culture in 11 Easy Steps

Every company has a culture that defines what the company’s value and vision are all about. You have a culture, regardless if you are putting effort in on it; in this article, we’ll cover 11 great ways to build a fun, positive company culture. Many companies focus mainly on the importance of their product and services and they tend to… Read more →