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Benefits of employee surveys

6 Ways to Get More Value from Your Employee Surveys

Want to get more value from your employee surveys? Of course you do! In this article, I share six¬†awesome ways you can get more from your 6Q pulse surveys. We have been working with a number of customers across the country and the world, in understanding how they get more value and benefit from their adoption of 6Q in their… Read more →

employee surveys

How a Perth Digital Agency uses Employee Surveys to Build a Better Team

In this article, we talk to one of our customers about how their Perth based digital agency uses our employee surveys to build a better, happier team within their business. Today’s guest is Laura Egerton, one of three company directors at Perth digital agency, Bam Creative. In between handling her projects, and being busy with her digital campaigns, Laura¬†was kind… Read more →

User segments

Feature Spotlight: User Segments

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just launched user segments. In this article, we’ll explain how it’s now possible to segment survey responses by teams, offices, geography and more. Since we launched, we have found that whilst it’s great to be able to get a ‘whole of organisation’ measurement, we have also had a number of customers ask us about… Read more →