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5 Ways Employees Want You to Keep Them Motivated at Work

For employers, keeping a happy and motivated workforce is one of the keys to success in business. With increased motivation comes better productivity, improved morale and those all-important results. However, understanding what you can do as an employer to help drive this motivation is another question altogether. Stationary and office equipment suppliers Viking recently put together findings from years of… Read more →

How Leaders Can Motivate Employees at the Workplace

How Leaders Can Motivate Employees at the Workplace

Are you a manager struggling to motivate employees at the workplace? Good news, you’re not alone. There’s lots of managers who have the same problem, for all sorts of reasons. Still, there are ample ways to get the fire burning within your employees again. People are motivated by many different types of things. Work isn’t the be all and end… Read more →

Increase Employee Motivation

Types of Celebrations to Increase Employee Motivation

Any company would want to get their employees engaged and motivated at work. The simplest way to improve these is to have regular celebrations for and with the employees in order to get them engaged at the workplace. It is rather meaningful when management takes notice of the simple events that happened in their employees’ life; regardless if it is… Read more →

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Why Employee Motivation Is Important (& How to Improve It)

Employee motivation is a critical aspect at the workplace which leads to the performance of the department and even the company. Motivating your employees needs to be a regular routine. There are companies that sadly fail to understand the importance of employee motivation. Research shows that many companies have disengaged employees with low motivation; only 13% of employees are engaged at work (Gallup).… Read more →