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Steps to Giving Effective Face to Face Feedback

We all agree that engaged employees are the company’s best asset. If your employees are not doing their best, it is time to schedule a feedback session and get your employees back on board and increase employee engagement. Learning to give and receive feedback effectively is essential to building a flexible, agile workplace. Giving feedback to employees can be quite daunting… Read more →

Collecting Valuable Employee Feedback

Collecting Valuable Employee Feedback

Communication is the key in any company or business. The best way to get to know and understand how your employees are feeling at work is by providing employee engagement surveys. Employee engagement surveys provide employers with substantial benefits including the opportunity to identify issues, measure employee satisfaction as well as monitor employee morale. Employee feedback from surveys becomes more… Read more →

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4 Killer Methods to Collect Employee Feedback

Getting good, honest employee feedback is a must have for any smart organisation. However, this can be tricky to do at times; like fear of getting reprimanded by management, or think that their opinion won’t be heard. In this article, we share some great methods to collect employee feedback, and how to tackle these roadblocks. Your people are your greatest… Read more →