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Top 10 Reasons Good Employees Quit

Top 10 Reasons Good Employees Quit

When an employee leaves a business there can be mixed emotions. When good employees leave, it can hurt. So why is this a common narrative among businesses – with their good talent leaving? And what are the reasons good employees quit? The process of employing someone takes time. In business, time is money. So it can sometimes be expensive to… Read more →

Council building

Best Employee Engagement Strategies Used by Local Government

We regularly speak to managers and employees across the globe, about the best employee engagement strategies they find. In this article, we hear from HR professionals in eight local government bodies across the USA about what works for them. In every city of the globe, there are managers looking for ways to get more from their employees; more motivation, more engagement and more team… Read more →

2016 the year of employee engagement

Make This Your Year of Employee Engagement

As another year begins, now is the perfect time to consider strategies and goals for the year ahead. As you plan for the new year, don’t let internal engagement drop from your radar. Let’s all work together to make this the year of employee engagement. We know from many research institutions and studies, that companies which focus on engaging their employees typically… Read more →

Money saving employee engagement strategies

Research Proves Employee Engagement Strategies Save Money

Engaged employees are great for your organisation, from productivity gains and general happiness, however are you aware that using employee engagement strategies can save significant amounts of money? We’ve previously written before about the benefits of employee engagement however let’s delve even further, by looking at nine different research studies that illustrate the cost savings that can be found by engaging… Read more →