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How to Engage Your Employees in the New Year

How to Engage Your Employees in the New Year

Alas, it’s the New Year. Forget that “New Year, New Me” nonsense. Instead be on the lookout for ways on how to engage your employees in new and exciting ways. Because believe it or not, there’s lots of ways to effectively engage and re-energise your employees. All the while, not being too cliché or breaking the bank. 2017 is a… Read more →

Employee engagement resources

Employee Engagement Resources Library Now Available

We’re continually adding new features to give even more value to our fantastic customers. Our latest update includes a library of culture and employee engagement resources, to help managers get more from their 6Q results. Whilst our customers have been enjoying the insights and knowledge they are gaining from their 6Q surveys to their teams, we’re acutely aware that the… Read more →