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How to Provide Effective Employee Feedback to Your Team

Giving feedback to employees is not always an easy thing to do. Negative feedback may not always be well received and yet honesty is absolutely necessary. Without effective employee feedback, your team will not know what they need to improve or change. Feedback is the most cost-effective, most powerful, and yet, most under-utilised management tool that any business could have… Read more →

Why Source Employee Recognition from the Team?

Why Source Employee Recognition from the Team?

Often, employee recognition within an organisation can be a scarce commodity. With employees being rarely recognised for their good work, even when the data speaks for itself. However what should happen if you build a team that nurtures itself, recognising each other? Well, great things can happen. Companies nowadays are increasingly after improved engagement from their teams. For good reason,… Read more →

Employee Feedback Articles Worth Reading

Six Employee Feedback Articles Worth Reading

We’re huge fans of employee feedback. Our organisations are the total of our employees, so it makes sense to hear what they say. Here are six articles on the subject of employee feedback that we enjoyed, and hope you find them as useful too. How to Really Listen to Your Employees over on Harvard Business Review is a great read. Our… Read more →