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Australian startup success stories

How an Australian Startup Studio Measures Founder Happiness

Being a start-up founder can be a lonely and isolating experience. Luckily, our featured customer helps avoid this, by running a three month intensive Australian startup program, which along with the education, gives founders a chance to meet one another and forge long term bonds. We spoke with the talented Sam Mead, program head at Fusion Founders, which is a… Read more →

It company employee engagement

How an Australian IT Company Builds Employee Engagement

We recently spoke with Jamie Bekkers, the MD of long running Perth-based Information Technology business, Bekkers, about what works for them in creating a positive culture, improved employee engagement, and how they utilise 6Q in their business. As well as being a successful managing director and leader, Jamie is a committed father of three, and keen cyclist. He has been… Read more →