Casual dress day

Should Every Day Be Casual Dress Day? 

About 20 years ago there was a clear distinction: white collar or blue collar work. Your employment was quite literally defined by your dress. But then casual dress day appeared, lines became blurred, smart or casual, dress up or dress down, what’s the right dress code for your business? In the movie Office Space – the cult satire on modern… Read more →

employee training

Essential Skills and Training Tools for Trainers

Employee training is one of the most important business investments that can set you up for success. For best results, your trainers will need the right tools and skills that drive productivity and ensure the maximum effectiveness of your employee training course. Take a look. Depending on the size of your business and your workforce, employee training can turn out… Read more →

Tips to inspire employees

7 HR Tips and Tricks to Help Inspire Employees

Do you feel that your workplace is lacking spark and ingenuity? Finding strategies to help inspire your employees to be high-performing and innovative will pay off in the long run. Emphatic Positive Reinforcement From childhood to adulthood, positive reinforcement is the key to learning consistent work habits. It encourages good behaviour and is reaffirming for a strong work ethic. It… Read more →

Importance of HR

The Importance of HR for your Company Culture

  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the main roles of the HR team are employee recruitment and management, as well as planning and coordinating your company’s administrative functions. Now, with the growth of sophisticated HR technologies, the roles and responsibilities of HR teams have evolved. Automation and AI-backed tools give them the opportunity to streamline manual and… Read more →