Challenges of running your team rmeotely

Challenges of Running Your Team Remotely and How to Overcome Them

The world has been going increasingly remote for more than a decade. The year 2020 is proving to be a culmination of this phenomenon. It’s become completely clear than ever that remote work isn’t a passing fad – it’s an evolution in the way many brands function. Employees like it, and companies save a substantial amount of money on office… Read more →

How to Inspire and Encourage Employees to Self-Evaluate

How to Inspire and Encourage Employees to Self-Evaluate

Evaluations are a common practice in the workplace. They help to measure performance against set objectives, expose road blocks and figure out ways in which employees can be supported. Self-evaluations require an employee to give an assessment of their own work and output. Unlike manager-employee reviews, they provide information as seen from the employees’ perspective. Because the employee doesn’t feel… Read more →

Managing Employee Expectations in the New Reality

Work Has Changed: Managing Employee Expectations in the New Reality

Work has changed forever, and it’s up to managers to lead their employees through the changes — including some we don’t even know about yet. The first quarter of 2020, when going to work was business as usual, feels like it was years ago rather than just months. Since then, the world has faced a sweeping global pandemic, and workplaces… Read more →

Show employee appreciation while working remotely

Ways to Show Employee Appreciation While Working Remotely

People like to work for companies that show employee appreciation often. But how can you acknowledge remote workers? Even before the COVID-19 outbreak forced businesses into work-from-home situations, some companies already started using more remote workers. Why? Many employers have seen that using a remote workforce can improve efficiency and save money. With the presence of improved video conference technology… Read more →