5 Things Successful Companies Do To Retain Their Top Talent

5 Things Successful Companies Do to Retain Their Top Talent

In all meaningful long-term ways, your employees are your business. Change the brand name, swap out the products or services, move office, start fresh in almost all regards, and you’ll still have a good shot at returning to success if you keep the same skilled and tight-knit team. That’s easier said than done, however — so how can you manage… Read more →

Warning Signs That You Are Micromanaging Your Team

6 Warning Signs That You Are Micromanaging Your Team

If a badge of infamy was to be given to bad managers, “micro-manager” would be the label. What if you are given the badge? It’s not easy to be a manager, so it might be that you are micromanaging, but of course, that should not be the case. Here’s what you should learn about micromanagement.  Have you ever overheard the… Read more →

Weekly check-in

The Weekly Check-In: How to Do It and Why They Are So Effective

While it should not serve to replace quarterly and yearly meetings, the weekly check in has several unique benefits that make it essential for modern organisations. The short chat aims to assess how the employee has been faring at work on a week by week basis. These weekly one-on-one check-ins result in improved communication between managers and team members, and… Read more →

10 Totally Serious Ways To Improve Great Company Culture

10 Totally Serious Ways to Improve Great Company Culture  

Employees make up the success of a company. And having a great company culture is the first step to maximise human resource. We give you ten ways in this article to improve that. Employees play an integral role in one’s business. This is why human resource and capital are some of the factors that need addressing almost all the time.… Read more →