great employee motivation

Develop Great Employee Motivation in 8 Simple Ways

We take you through eight simple methods you can use today, to develop great employee motivation amongst your team. For managers, one of the most crucial responsibilities is to foster employee motivation. Our employees are the lifeblood of a company, and when they begin to falter, productivity slows. Without a vigilant, fundamental approach to motivation, we risk losing employees and… Read more →

Social media and hiring

Social Media and Your Hiring Process: How to Make the Right Choice

The employees that you hire in your business are of extreme importance, not only for the work that they do but also because they will represent what your business is to your customers. Making a good choice when it comes to deciding which employees are going to fit good in your company is very imperative. Attracting and hiring employees that… Read more →

Merge teams successfully

10 Practical Ways to Merge Teams Successfully

When projects are consolidated, teams have to be merged. This is can lead to an explosion of improvements and new ideas but if done wrong, it can plunge your productivity and drive away your best employees. Here are ten practical steps a manager can take to merge teams successfully within an organisation. Company mergers are rare enough that most corporate… Read more →

hiring for cultural values

Interviewing for Company Values [Integrity & Honesty, Collaboration, and Motivation]

We reveal the three best values-based interview questions that will enable you to probe candidates for cultural fit based on the most common values shared by successful organisations. Imagine this. You’re about to interview two candidates running for a position in your company. On paper, both are skilled, intelligent, and knowledgeable candidates with a ton of work experience, which matches… Read more →