How to manage workplace conflict

Leaders Guide on How to Manage Workplace Conflict

Most people can handle just about any amount and type of work that comes their way. It’s not the work that puts them over the edge – it’s a conflict with a coworker or coworkers. Conflict in the workplace, or anywhere, is inevitable. Conflict is part of being human. Some people are more comfortable with it than others, and some… Read more →

Revealed: 5 Fantastic Ways to Increase Employee Retention

Revealed: 5 Fantastic Ways to Increase Employee Retention

Employee retention is a crucial issue for every HR department out there as companies’ competition for talent in today’s business environment grows. We reveal five methods to increase it. Employee turnover is increasingly expensive for organisations thanks to the reduced workplace productivity, lower employee engagement, staff training costs and interruption of company culture. Organisations have a lot to gain from… Read more →

Building and Sustaining Company Culture in Remote Companies

Everything You Need to Know About Building and Sustaining Company Culture in Remote Companies

It’s no secret that a well-defined and carefully curated work culture is a fundamental part of the long-term sustenance and success of any organisation. In fact, several research studies endorse that positive company culture improves productivity, business profitability, and enhances the overall experience of employees. What Is Company Culture? The highly subjective and specific nature of what culture means to… Read more →

How to fire someone

How to Fire Someone Nicely and with Empathy

Some employment relationships simply don’t work out well – sometimes firing an employee is the best choice for your organisation and most compassionate course of action you can take for the employee’s career. However, many managers dread firing employees simply because of how uncomfortable it is. Even when terminating a certain employee’s employment is urgently necessary for the safety and… Read more →