Creating company values that rock

Announcing Our Book: Creating a Company Culture that Rocks!

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve finished writing our first ebook, Creating a Company Culture that Rocks! and have just released it to the world.

After many hours of writing, editing, designing and preparing, we are excited to say that our first ever book, available for free as a PDF, is now available for downloading right here on the book’s own website.

This 107 page book, covers everything that a startup or established business needs to know about creating a great company culture within their team.

Featuring quotes from the founders of some of the world’s great startups, such as Twitter, Buffer, Moz, 500px and more, we cover the topic across 14 chapters, including how to create company values, how to hire for cultural fit and employee retention strategies.


Creating a Company Culture that Rocks!

Creating a Company Culture that Rocks! Book spreads


We asked two fellow startup founders to give us a review of the preview book. Justin Davies, Co-Founder of Prezentt, said

Once again, Miles cracks it with a ripping, clear and simply expressed book that gets to the heart of what’s important. Do yourself a favour, read it and implement it.

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Then there was our good friend, Todd Sainsbury from Smartbeat, who stated;

Confucius says ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ Company culture is a big part of making each working day ROCK & Miles has some solid gold riffs in this easy to read number.

In our aim to improve the team morale and culture of teams across the globe, we are giving the book away absolutely free as a PDF. That’s right; zero cost to you, other than providing us an email address and signing up to our monthly newsletter (which you can, of course, unsubscribe from at any time).

Get your own copy of Creating a Company Culture that Rocks! now. Enjoy the reading!