In these posts, we’ll document our hosted team survey product, features we have added, customer success stories, methods and tips to get more from our innovative weekly team polls, product related news and more.

Features released

Enterprise Features Now Available to Everyone

Since we began, we’ve had a set of features that were only available with our larger plans. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve released most of these to everyone, regardless what plan you’re on.  As an example, the smaller of our monthly plans had limited history in our trends feature, didn’t allow for custom questions, and they had no employee import function.… Read more →

Improve Survey Responses

6 Awesome Ways to Improve Survey Response Rates

Employee surveys are so important, and the more accurate the better, so here are six awesome tips to improve survey response rates. We all agree that employee surveys are a great way for organisations to get valuable feedback from their most important stakeholders – their employees. We also know that higher response rates lead to more accurate survey results. Anything less than… Read more →

Survey product updates

Introducing Mood Assessments and Redesigned Employee Reports

We’ve been busy working on a slew of new features to make 6Q even more useful, and we’re excited to announce that two of these features have now been made live to everyone. Since we launched 6Q, we have been careful to balance the ability to add lots of features with the power of our simplicity; an element that has… Read more →

Benefits of employee surveys

6 Ways to Get More Value from Your Employee Surveys

Want to get more value from your employee surveys? Of course you do! In this article, I share six awesome ways you can get more from your 6Q pulse surveys. We have been working with a number of customers across the country and the world, in understanding how they get more value and benefit from their adoption of 6Q in their… Read more →