Employee Feedback

Employee feedback is at the heart of what we do; our employee feedback surveys are all about being open and transparent with one another, improving work happiness and creating better, more productive teams.

Employee Engagement Survey Best Practices

Employee engagement is a critical aspect in the success of any organisation. It plays an important role in encouraging a positive work environment, increasing productivity, and reducing turnover. One effective tool organisations can use to measure and improve employee engagement is the employee engagement survey. This article will explain some best practices for conducting employee engagement surveys and extracting meaningful… Read more →

The Downfall of Human Connection: Why High Volume Recruiting is Broken

The rise of technology has turned high volume recruiting into a numbers game. This often comes at the expense of human connection. It’s time to fix this. As an employer, there’s no worse feeling than having to go out and find new talent. This is often not part of your daily responsibilities and adds extra work to your plate. To… Read more →

Five Strategies for Avoiding Favouritism at Work

Workplace favouritism threatens team cohesion, employee retention and company diversity. Below, we’ll explain how to foster inclusion, tackle favouritism at a cultural level and design fair policies and practices. Understanding favouritism and how it can show up at work Favouritism usually occurs in the workplace when managers treat certain employees or teams more favourably than others. While having better working… Read more →

Effective Messages of Support and Encouragement

From time to time, we all experience situations that leave us feeling down or doubting our abilities. In such times, we need the support of others to pick us up. Whether such scenarios occur in our personal lives or at work, they can negatively impact our productivity. For this reason, businesses need to become adept at sharing meaningful and effective… Read more →