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Gerald is a freelance writer with a pen that is keen for entrepreneurship, business and technology.

When he isn’t writing insightful articles on the 6Q blog, Gerald can be found writing for a number of media outlets.

Secret of Happiness: Showing Gratitude to Others

Are our lives just long pursuits of happiness? Does happiness even matter? Some say there are far more important things to worry about while others see happiness as indispensably important and something that everyone ultimately wants to find in life. Why does happiness matter? Happiness is not about hiding from and/or denying the reality of negative emotions or pretending to… Read more →

Deal with an Underperforming Employee

Awesome Ways to Deal with Underperforming Employees

Dealing with underperforming employees can be quite difficult, and can lead to some awkward conversations. How do you manage an underperforming employee? Below are some awesome approaches you can take to deal with underperforming employees. It’s a moment every manager dreads. You have an employee who is not doing well at their job. You know that losing this job will… Read more →

Time Management Hacks

Time Management Hacks to Get More From Your Workday

Time is the most precious resource we have and yet we still struggle with managing it in our professional lives. Fortunately, there are several time management hacks which both managers and employees can learn and employ to effectively manage their time at work. Have you ever wondered why some people are super productive? You know the people who always respond… Read more →

How to Have Effective One on One Meetings

It is true that one-on-ones can be time-consuming. Yet the hour you spend on a session will benefit you and the team a great deal if done right. If you aren’t having effective one on one meetings with your team, you are missing out. What are one on one meetings? One on one meetings are held between a team leader… Read more →